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Congressman Peter DeFazio

Representing the 4th District of OREGON

Statement from Rep. Peter DeFazio on President Trump’s Budget for FY2018

May 23, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTONRep. Peter DeFazio today released the following statement on President Trump’s Fiscal Year 2018 budget proposal:

“The White House is lauding this budget as ‘Taxpayers First’, when in reality that could not be further from the truth. This budget puts giant corporations, millionaires and billionaires, and defense contractors first, and the everyday Americans last.

“The President’s budget guts funding for critical programs that working families rely on and instead spend $1.6 billion on a completely useless wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

“It gives an additional $52 billion to our already bloated Pentagon, while slashing $143 billion from federal student loan programs and completely eliminating funding for before-and-after-school programs, affecting an estimated 10,700 Oregon students. The President’s budget ends public service loan forgiveness and gets rid of subsidized loans for all students, while failing to adjust Pell Grants for inflation—for the first time in six years.

“It strips $48 billion from Social Security’s disability program (an earned benefit), fails to deliver on promised infrastructure investment, and makes cruel cuts to Meals on Wheels, and cuts federal funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as food stamps, by 25%.  

The budget totally eliminates funding for programs like Foster Grandparents, Senior Companions, AmeriCorps and YouthBuild that benefit thousands of Oregonians and the individuals and communities they serve, while irresponsibly ballooning the deficit.

 “This is not a budget that reflects the priorities of the American people. Instead, the candidate who campaigned on behalf of working Americans has created a budget that prioritizes only the very wealthiest.”