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Statement from Rep. DeFazio on the Continuing Resolution

Jan 22, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTONRep. Peter DeFazio today released the following statement on the latest stop-gap funding measure to fund the federal government through February 8, 2018:

“This continuing resolution is the fourth short-term extension to fund the federal government in nearly four months. The budget was due on October 1, 2017—115 days ago. Running our country on a month-to-month budget is not only reckless, it puts our nation at risk and degrades our military readiness.

“Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has repeatedly warned against operating our government under a near-constant continuing resolution, saying ‘no enemy in the field has done more to harm the readiness of the U.S. military than…operating in nine of the last 10 years under continuing resolutions.’

“While my Republican colleagues purport to be ardent supporters of the military, their party—which controls both Congress and the White House—refuses to work together to find a bipartisan solution to fully fund the government, instead spending their time demonizing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program beneficiaries. By continuing to kick the can down the road, they are leaving not only our military, but hundreds of government programs and the millions who depend on them, in limbo. The failure to properly budget is holding back $1.2 billion from counties and cities across the United States which need to plan for critical road and bridge construction and repair projects, and vital social and nutritional programs are underfunded.

“I cannot support yet another continuing resolution that only pushes these problems into the not-so-distant-future. We must find a bipartisan solution that fully funds both our government and critical safety net programs that protect our nation’s seniors, service members, and families.”

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