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Statement from Rep. DeFazio on President Trump's Executive Order on Immigration

Jan 30, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON—Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) today released the following statement on President Trump's executive order on immigration:

This weekend, President Trump issued an ill-conceived and unlawful executive order that grossly missed its mark in an apparent attempt to strengthen our national security. Instead, it sends a message that Muslims are not welcome in America, alienates our allies and serves as a recruiting tool for ISIS and other terrorists groups, ultimately making America less secure. 

The executive order uses false rhetoric and preys upon Americans' fears without doing anything to address the real terrorist threats facing our nation. Instead, it resulted in the detention of a 77-year-old grandmother planning to visit her family in Texas, an Iraqi translator who risked his life to work for the U.S. Army and two doctors working at the Cleveland Clinic, just to name a few. 

The current refugee vetting process is already one of the most thorough screening processes for foreign visitors. This executive order does nothing to strengthen America’s national security, and instead has given the U.S. a black eye in the international community.

The worst terrorist attack on our nation, 9/11, was carried out by radicals from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon and the UAE. The attacks in San Bernardino were carried out by a Pakistani terrorist and an American-born terrorist. None of the procedures put in place by this executive order would have prevented any of these attacks.

This irresponsible order puts our nation at risk and stands in opposition to the ideals that our country was founded upon. It’s clear to me that my colleagues in Congress on both sides of the aisle will need to work together to restrain President Trump from inflicting more damage to our country.

I am joining my colleagues today to introduce the “Statue of Liberty Values Act” (SOLVe) which nullifies the executive order. The legislation states that it will have no effect or force of law and states that no funds or fees shall be used to implement the order.   


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