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Congressman Peter DeFazio

Representing the 4th District of OREGON

Rep. DeFazio Introduces Bill to Improve Transparency and Accountability in Federal Rulemaking

Sep 27, 2016
Press Release

Rep. Peter DeFazio today introduced legislation that would improve government transparency and increase accountability in the notoriously slow and opaque rulemaking process.

The Accountability in Rulemaking Act would require the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) and all federal agencies to expand the information included on the Unified Agenda, a central online database, to track and process the rulemaking process.

Rep. DeFazio’s bill will allow the public to know the current status of proposed rules and would keep both OIRA and federal agencies accountable to timelines and to the public.

“So often in Washington, sound policy ideas are submitted to the rulemaking process, only to fall into the black hole of the Executive Branch,” said Rep. Peter DeFazio. “Oftentimes these rules are meant to protect public health and safety and ought to move swiftly through the process—but as it stands now, government bureaucrats can hold up the process indefinitely with no consequence and at great risk to public health and safety.  There is little-to-no recourse for any American who wants to see the status and progress of the rulemaking process—that’s unthinkable, especially in today’s digital age. The Accountability in Rulemaking Act will increase transparency, allowing the American people to see what their government is working on, and increase Executive Branch accountability by finally bringing this process into the light.”

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