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DeFazio Responds to President Obama's Address to the Nation

Feb 25, 2009
Press Release

Februaru 25, 2009

WASHINGTON, DC—U.S. Congressman Peter DeFazio tonight responded to President Obama’s address to the joint session of Congress. Following are DeFazio's remarks:

"It was a powerful speech. President Obama put his finger on the problems that put our nation in the current economic mess: deregulation, quick profits, greed and sacrificing the future for short term gains. I support his statement that we have to act boldly and wisely to rebuild our economy with a vision for lasting prosperity for generations of Americans to come. We have common goals and common concerns.

Some of his specifics are right on point; regulation will avoid future fraud and fiscal collapse, ending wasteful no bid contracts and favoritism, stopping the purchase of outdated, gold plated weapons our military doesn’t need, rooting out waste fraud and abuse in Medicare and other programs that don’t serve the needs of our seniors and other Americans, and ending tax breaks for corporations that ship jobs over seas.

Where we agree on solutions I will support him 100% and where we disagree, I will work with him to find better solutions for our commonly shared concerns over the problems besetting our nation."