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Springfield Chamber of Commerce

December 8, 2011

Representative Peter DeFazio

405 E. 8th Avenue, Suite 2030

Eugene OR 97401

Dear Representative DeFazio,

The leadership of the Springfield Chamber of Commerce and the membership of the Springfield Chamber of Commerce Gateway Development Committee have been briefed about the national picture regarding the proposed closing of Postal Service facilities, and have specifically learned what the implications are if such a closure would take place at theSpringfieldfacility in Gateway.

The Springfield Chamber of Commerce has several serious concerns.

The loss of nearly 80 jobs, many of them very long-term positions, is an obvious concern during these times of high unemployment inOregon. 

Beyond the job loss, however, are the far-reaching effects of abandoning local mail processing in this part of our state.  Businesses large and small continue to depend on the postal services for all types of transactions.  From essential activities such as billing and payroll, to marketing and networking – all are dependent, to a large degree – on timely and dependable local mail service.

Several businesses have contacted the Chamber indicating the hardships they would face if this service were to be moved toPortland(or any other center) for processing resulting in one, two or more additional days added to such basic business timelines.  Some include the timely and legal requirements concerning the distribution of payrolls, billing of clients, and receipt of payments. 

These are basic business actions that depend on speedy processing of the mail.

Finally, there are businesses such as newspaper and specialty publishing companies that depend solely on this vital service.  Eroding of this service will immediately and negatively impact their ability to compete and do business locally. 

We join you and your efforts to retain the full workforce and services that today exist at the Postal Service plant inSpringfield.  Please let us know what more we can do to ensure this vital service continues in our metro area.

Best regards,

Dan Egan

Director,SpringfieldChamber of Commerce

CC:  Springfield Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors